Thursday, January 17, 2013

lance armstrong and doping in general

i have respect for lance but in a different way then back in the early 2000's when i respected him for his riding ability now i respect him for what an great con artist he is.  standing back and looking at what he did it hard for me not to think he did a smart thing by doping and lying.  if he hadn't doped all the other guys that were doping would have taken the money/glory and Lance Armstrong would have never become a household name.

Lance was treated like a rock star for 15 years, got millions of dollars in sponsorship, advertizing and book deals . The risk/ benefit ratio is greatly in the dopers favor because the punishment is so small especially in lances situation when so much money is on the line. Not being able to compete in bike racing (at 41 and pased his prime) is tiny punishment when considering the millions that lance made. he made approximately 125 million through bike racing, he will loose approximately 35 million in lawsuits so in the end he will end up with about 90 million. 90 million dollars made through doping . based on the current punishments it seems that you are a sucker if you don't dope when that much money is on the line.

 I’ve devised a punishment that would be suitable.  Divide out all that money that said doper made with interest to all the pros that weren’t cheating and instead of banning said doper from racing said doper should be made to go to races being a corner marshal or handing out water/feeds to riders while wearing a t shirt that says “ I am a thief who tried to seal your money and glory”.  in reality people who dope should be treated like criminals with jail time. the punishment has to be worse than the potential reward otherwise cyclists will continue to dope.

If I were in Lance’s current position I would just take up another sport like swimming in millions of dollars I made.


Aaron Allsop said...

My thoughts on the whole lance armstrong doping scandel is that it seems like there are a lot of people doing it and he was the one thrown under the bus to take the heat for it.

Not saying that he didn't deserve what he got but I do think that if he is going to stand up and say he is doing it so should the others.

-Aaron who recently watched leadville race

mikejoos said...

i think that it's messed up that so much government money was spent gong after a retired cyclist in the first place but wright or wrong it makes sense that hes getting a lot of heat. he is the most popular cyclist that benefited the most from his doping.

i agree i think a lot of doping is going on not just in cycling but in any sport where there's a lot of money on the line.

lance had a stance of going after and punishing those who accused him of doping. which in my mind makes him more of a dick than your typical doper but was a good strategy for dissuading others of accusing him.

he didn't willingly stand up and admit he was doping till there was overwhelming evidence that he was guilty. not too brave.