Monday, June 11, 2012

Photos From Massanutten Hoo Haa Race 2012

Me, Dylan, Aaron, Jeff (left to right)

Brad and Dylan chasing

Jeff getting a feed




Poduim; Jeremiah won, Aaron got 4th!

Start: Dylan and I








Massanutten Hoo Haa Mountain Bike Race 2012

This race was more technical and difficult than I thought it would be.  The course had a lot of climbing and some of the rock gardens along the ridge of the mountain very challenging to clean however the majority of the course was pretty flowing and fast.  It was a hot day (about 90 or so) but thankfully the majority of the climbing was in the shade.

It was a stacked field of riders (especially for a local race); all the guys in the top 5 were very strong riders that I honestly didn't stand a chance of beating...  Jeremiah bishop, Nick Waite, a South African wold cup guy, a fast rider from Florida who made the trip up, and Arron Snyder (my team mate).  I was happy with my 7th place finish. 

1st Jeremiah bishop, 4th Aaron Snyder (team mate)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

More Photos From Fair Hill Race

Cam 1st, Me 3rd


Jay, 1st masters class


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fair Hill Mountain Bike Race 2012

 Elkton MD
 80 degrees

This was a 3 lap 22 mile cross country race that was mostly flat and smooth with some twisty single track sections.  This race ended up being like a road race; a group of about 15 riders stayed wheel to wheel till the last lap then things broke apart when Cam put in an attack going into the singe track for the last lap.  The top 15 or so still finished pretty close together less than 30 second between most riders.  The Scott team had good results in the elite/open category... Cam won, I came in 3rd, Jeff Dickey came in 6th, Dylan came in 10th, Nick came in 11th, John came in 17th (out of a field of 42 riders)


Nick Sears

Dylan, Jeff & John (left to right)

Big turn out

 more photos to come

Big Spider With Baby Spiders

Spider I saw in the watershed while riding on the dirt roads this week