Sunday, July 15, 2012

toe injury

i cracked my toe nail a while back...i don't remember exactly when it happened but i am guessing it happened when i was moving around big rocks for the pond building business i was working for last year... i supper glued the crack to hold the nail together...a few months later it started swelling at the base ... i guessed it was an ingrown toenail but i felt around the sides of the nail and it didn't seem to be sticking into my skin... after the swelling got so bad that i wasn't able to use my cycling shoes i went to the doctor (i haven't been to a doctor in about 6 years)... he confirmed it was an ingrown toenail and that the toenail need to be removed... he gave me two novocaine shots on both sides o my toe... they were big needles and it was painful but the removal of the toenail was painless... i am not going to be able to where tight shoes (which includes my cycling shoes) for a at least 2 weeks ( im not sure beyond that) doesn't hurt so much any more... i am mostly worried that i might mess up the healing processes and be back to square one... i've been riding with platform pedals the past couple of days... its not horrible but it would be a pretty big handicap in a race.

i was planning on dong the MASS fair hill race today but am missing it... i might miss the bear creek finals at the beginning of next month too... i really hope i am able to ride with cycling shoes September.

before toenail removed

after toenail removed

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Justin Appleyard said...

That looks nasty