Sunday, May 13, 2012

French Creek Race 2012

French Creek park
78 degrees

The course was rocky in spots with some faster section. It was the perfect recipe for flat tires. You get going fast then slam into a rock section.  I had just set my bike up with Continental 2.2 X kings the the day before with the Pro-Tection sidewalls.  They are durable tires so I felt confidante using them on this course.

About 35 riders in the pro open field with a good showing from my the Scott team... Aaron, Cam, Dylan, Jeff, Ross, John and Jay were there... 7 of us were racing the Elite men category.

I started off about 15th or so going into the single track and gradually passed people till I was in 3rd place half way through the last lap (of 3).  I finished 3rd Aaron won and Cam came in 2nd (Scott swept the podium)!  Dylan came in 7th and Jeff came in 8th Ross came in 19th Jay came in 20th and Jay finished first in the masters race.

photos to come...

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