Sunday, May 20, 2012

99 mile Fairfax country epic mountain bike loop

did this ride on Friday may 18th... it was just Jeff and i ... beautiful day to be outside... about 70 degrees and sunny... we started off early (7:30 am) and we didn't finish are ride till about 8:45 pm ... the last 10-15 min it was very dark and hard to see... the ride took so long because i was having a bunch of mechanicals...3 flats ...broken spoke...broken break leaver...rear break spring and pads were worn and bent so bad that i had to move the pads/ spring form the front break with the broken break lever to the rear break... it took about 4-5 hours of messing around to fix these problems... not having a front break it was hard for me to control my speed into corners.... i got off line and rode into the bushes and into the tall grass... as a result i managed to pick up 8 ticks during the ride... all of theses issues were mine and i don't think Jeff had any issues with his bike or ticks... he was very patient to deal with me.
Jeff, 70 miles in

Jeff, giant dirt jumps

Fountain head bridge

the loop we did

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