Sunday, April 29, 2012

Greenbrier Challenge 2012

 Greenbrier Challenge  XC
70 degrees sunny

This race was pretty close to me 30-40 min away which is  nice.  I was able to get a nap and hot lunch before the race.

There were about 15-20 starters in the pro field (I didn't count).  I had a sorta good start; I was in 3rd place going into the first corner but I was then promptly passed by the majority of the field as I went up the first climb gasping for air.  I was in the rear of the field till the next bigger and longer climb. For some reason I was stronger there and picked off a lot of people and found myself back in 3rd place behind Chris Beck and Aaron Snyder; that is where I would stay till the end of the race.  Being alone for the majority of the race had its ups and downs.  It was nice to not be stuck behind someone on the technical terrain but if there was someone else riding with me I could have asked them how many more laps do we have because I lost count (we had 5 laps).  I thought I needed to do one more; the race officials gave me a blank stare as I went out to do another extra lap.

Teammate Arron Snyder had a great race; he came in 1st!  Teammate Jeff Dickey was riding strong only about 30 seconds behind me in 4th place when he had a flat tire; bummer.

photos to come

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