Tuesday, April 12, 2011

first race of the year...Fair Hill.

this one is in Elkton MD, it was around 60 degrees and cloudy... pretty nice conditions for racing... big turn out, just over 40 riders in my category (open/ elite).

last year i was having bad luck with getting flats during races... my average was a flat every 3rd-4th race...so for this year i want to make more of an effort to avoid flats and mechanicals all together...so i made sure my tires were in solid condition before the race... i replaced my rear tire and replaced my drive train.

during the start of the race i felt super stale from not being able to ride that week, i immediately fell to the back... i wasn't too worried though because i was confident i would start feeling better eventuality and make up some ground... before getting to the single track i noticed i wasn't able to shift with the rear derailleur... i discovered that my cable had snapped... so the rear derailleur was stuck in a 12 tooth gear (the hardest gear)... i put the front in the smallest gear to balance it out... but i still found it very hard to push over the gears... i got too the first short steep climb and my gearing was too difficult and i ran up it.. at this point i was mentally broken and gave up on achieving a good finish... but i decided to finish the race because i was there and dressed up for it... i came in 40th.

hopefully my next race report will have less excuses in it.