Wednesday, December 14, 2011

first MOCO epic training ride

last Sunday (the Dec. 10th 2011) was the first MOCO epic training ride... it was raining most of last week... but the Friday and Saturday before the the ride was dry so i though conditions wouldn't be horribly muddy... it wasn't bad at first but later in the ride it started getting pretty muddy... we ended up cutting off the last 15 miles because of the trail conditions... it ended up being a 4.5 hour ride 47 mile ride... witch felt like plenty at the time... next week we plan to do the loop backwards... my weather channel app tells me it will most likely be clear for the rest of the week... so hopefully trail conditions will be better.

Dylan Johnson dialing in his new Scott carbon 29er before the ride

Jeff Dickey being cold before we got started moving (35 degrees at the start but warmed up to low 40's later)

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