Saturday, June 18, 2011

Guy's Neshaminy Classic 2011

Jeff Dickey and I carpooled to this race. We started off a bit late, then ran into traffic, then realized that we were going to the wrong address so are drive ended up being about 45 min longer than we had planned. Made it to the race with no time to spare just before regestration cut off (15 min before my race). lucky Scott RC team members Bart and Scott Wilson were there to help me with regestration and to organize my feeds or I would have most likely missed the start.

It was a fun race with lots of twists, turns, dips and jumps. The temperature was hot but it felt a lot cooler than that in the woods. Almost the entire course was in the shade.

I started off in the rear and worked my way up to finish mid pack with team mate John Arias. (17th and 18th out of about 35 starters).  Overall a great race for Scott RC mountain bike team.  We had 3 riders in the top 5... Jeff Dickey was 5th, Cam Dodge 3rd and Aron Snyder 2nd.

Here is a truck that Jeff and i were stuck in traffic with. It had country music lyrics written all over it...

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