Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Andrew Mein's Excellent Adventure at Granogue race report

Nice day for racing. It was about 70 degrees and partially cloudy.

I was imminently dropped by the field of about 30 or so riders (in the elite open cat). It's normal for me to be floundering off the back for the first quarter of a lap or so then work my way back up to finish 5th -10th but today I was only able to manage getting up to 15th (where i finished).  I felt I did as good as i could do.  My bike was working well and I was feeling fresh and motivated.

Ive been working more so haven't been able to ride as much.  Building ponds and cleaning ponds (the job I am doing) is hard labor.  I feel like I am in shape and healthy from all the physical labor but I am not in bike riding shape.  I normally have no motivation or energy to ride after work.  The rides I am able to squeeze in are super easy recovery rides.  I might have to lower my standards of what I expect from myself as far as race results till something changes.

Team mates Jeff Dickey,  Gunnar Bergey and Scott Wilson had good showings... Jeff finished 4th Scott and Gunnar also had a top ten finishes.

Scott on cooler...

Sole makes some nice sandals...

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