Tuesday, December 14, 2010

cold ride

i rode today... it was cold... 25 degrees and 25 mile an hour winds... i thought i would be all set with the extra winter gear i got this fall but i froze... i was ok till i did a 5 mile decent... that got me.

ive decided i will not ride outside unless it is above freezing (maybe i can get away with it if i don't do long descents?)... which shouldn't be a big deal... its above freezing a lot here in frederick MD during the winter... not like ME where i moved from.


ive been using those motorcycle rain covers booties that i made a video about... i put them over the top of my winter riding shoes... they are awesome! my feet will still get a bit cold but they help a lot.

Friday, December 3, 2010

first snow, rain pants

got snowed on today during my ride ... i felt ok about it though... i had enough layers to keep me warm... ive started carrying along rain pants... they roll up pretty small... i put them on before long descents or if im feeling cold... it's a windbreaker for my legs... i think it will become a routine thing for me to carry them on 40 or below days.