Sunday, September 19, 2010

bear creek race 2010 sept 19th

I think about 20 guys showed up for my category (elite)… 65 -75 degrees… ski mountain course so there was a good amount of climbing and descending… there was a few technical section thrown in but not horrible… It all seemed ridable except one tricky switchback with a lot of big rocks … Im sure someone can ride it but not me.

the fist lap decent I found that my front breaks weren’t working… the pivot pin came out… i tried riding with no front breaks for a while… but I ran in to serious issues when trying to ride down the steep switch backs … I would find my self going into corners with too much speed and rear wheel locked up making me unable to steer effectively… I decided to stop and fix it… fixed it using the pin from my chain breaker tool and some electrical tape to hold it in… it worked and I was able to finish… I came in 11th

this was the series finally of the mid Atlantic supper series … I was trying to do well in this series overall but after having a bad string of flats I lost any chance of a respectable ranking… since ive switched to tubeless its been a lot better… I went from getting a flat every week to getting a flat every month (on average)… so hopefully next season will be different with less flats and less excuses.

Might be the end of the season for me… I don’t have any races on my radar but something might come up... i'm sure i will still be doing a lot of riding either way