Sunday, January 31, 2010

snow ride

did a snow ride w/ Joe Whitehair and Jeff

it was about 30 degrees and sunny... warm enough to have fun.

had a flat tire and my mini-pump wasent working... apparently it had gotten some water in it that had turned to ice and was clogged... Joe had a functioning one i could use... thanks.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

cold weather

Tested out my lake winter riding shoes in cold weather (20 degrees)…

They did ok… my feet were still cold... they keep my feet as warm as wearing neoprene booties…

My fork decided to freeze up… it was stuck fully compressed…after it was in my apt for a while and had a chance to warmed up its sprang back to life...Might be time for a new fork…

The effect riding in the cold has on your skin…

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Rode w/ Anna on her bike commute to work on the C&O...
cleaned my bike w/ pesticide sprayer before putting it in my car... i think this will become a rutine thing for me... saves time in the long run.

bucket of soapy water and sprayer...found gloves on a stick near to where i parked... i'm in the market for some gloves but i decided to keep my distance from these... probably on a stick for a reason.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

bleeding brakes

I feel like more of a man now that I bled my own brakes… its been 3 years since I originally purchased my first pair of hydraulic disk brakes and this was the first time they have been bled … I noticed that I had some air bubbles in there long ago but put off fixing the problem for fear that I was going to mess something up.

it ended up not being too hard… it helped a lot to have this video to watch…

in anticipation of bleeding my brakes in the future I was shopping for some more DOT 5.1 brake fluid.

I found that…

you can buy the larger container for under $10 (500ml) or the small one avid sells costs $16 (120ml)… Pictured is the 60 ml avid brake fluid that came w/ the bleed kit and the motul 500ml brake fluid that I ordered.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Battlefield Earth riding shoes

I got some winter riding shoes… I just put them on for the first time… I like how they feel and I like how they look too…

they look like John Travolta’s boots in the movie Battlefield Earth.
i will post results of how they perform in the cold.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Did some mtn biking today… it was drizzly so I wore my rain pants… I am shopping for new pants with a reinforced saddle area.

And some waterproof gloves so I don’t need to use curb-side ditch plastic bags.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

bunny hops, wheelies, and Crazy Train

It was really bugging me when I first rode my new Scott that w/ the longer chainstays 17.3” (which is still short for a 29er) compared to 16.7” of my last bike (which wasn't a 29er) made doing wheelie and bunny hops way harder. Anyone who rides with me a lot knows just how important these two things are to me… without them I feel inadequate.

I the search for a solution to my problem I messed around with my stem lengths and height… I managed to find a position that let me keep my bunny hops and wheelies.

My handlebars are about 1” higher and positioned 1” closer to me... feels a bit strange but I am getting used to it.


I joined Anna @ another Compu-trainer class over @ Kelly Acres… and improved my 15 min tt from 298watt avg to a 331watt avg... the reason for my improvement is completely linked to the fact that Crazy Train was playing this time and it wasn’t last time.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

put together

built up my scott 29er frame... still making fine tuned ajustments

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Riding for Scott in 2010… recently received 29er frame and extras…

Should have the frame built up shortly… looking forward to testing it out.

Monday, January 11, 2010

2010, Year of the goblin

Race License came in the mail today… so its time to do my annual photoshoped race license... for 2010 i decided on doing a goblin theme...


Here are some of my past years themes…

devil theme

Neanderthal hockey player theme

Saturday, January 9, 2010

fixed up

Joe Whitehair was kind enough to let me borrow one of his bikes till i get a new frame... Thanks!!!

made some modifications so it would fit me more comfortable...

Car issue ended up being a miss-firing cylinder... the gentleman over at L&B Auto Repair was able to fix the problem right on the spot.
he replaced the black do-dad to the lower left of the green circle.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Broken Down

On Friday I was going to go for a ride with Joe Whitehair but while diving over to the trail head my car was vibrating, giving off some strange smells and all round behaving like there was something wrong with it… I had noticed the problem before but I though it was just because it was super cold on that occasion…. But I guess not…. I didn’t want to risk diving up Hamburg Rd. in that condition so I bailed on the ride and went back to my apt...i’ve got an appointment at L&B Auto Repair on Monday … Hopefully it isn’t anything too serious.

I still had the itch to ride so I rode from my apartment… i decided to take some back roads over tord watershed trails…but I never got there… as I hit a particularly steep section of Hamburg Rd. and was standing up pulling on the bars I notice that the front end of my bike was flexing way too much… I stopped and noticed a crack going almost entirely around the down tube... that explains why it had been making more creaking sounds than normal.

I decided at his point to turn around and go home but I was super paranoid that my frame would give way and I would destroy my somewhat beautiful face… but I was 7 miles from home and I didn’t want to walk… so I rode my bike but i rode it like it was made of glass (the thin type they make Christmas ornaments out of not the reinforced bulletproof type or the super thick type used for shark tanks at aquariums)… I could watch the crack on the side of my down tube open then close again slightly with every rotation of the cranks… a bit frightening but I made it home safe.