Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ride With The Mayor (Of Frederick MD)

The Frederick Bicycling Coalition had a deal going on where you can ride your bike to the minor league baseball field in town and get free tickets to the game that afternoon.  The event was put together to promote people riding there bikes around town instead of driving.  The mayor was there to lead the ride and to help promote participation in the event.
The meeting Place by the clock tower in Baker Park

Anna talking with one of the police escorts.  Anna Kelso was the master-mind behind the project.
The mayors Bike (loaned out by Fredrick Bike Doctor bike shop)
I successfully completed the 1.5 mile ride and was was awarded this certificate sighed by the mayor (I'm adding this to my resume)
Free ticket.
I didn't end up going to the game though because no food or drink allowed in the park. I didn't know this till I was in line to get into the game and read a sign.  I had packed snacks and drinks and was hungry.  The idea of paying $5 for a hot dog didn't sound appealing to me so I went home and ate my snacks all alone.

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