Monday, April 19, 2010

Tour De Tykes 2010 XC Mountain Bike Race

This past weekend I was racing the Tour de Tykes.  It's a 19 mile point to point race w/ more climbing than Mount Snow’s xc race! It was fun course but riders needed to be attentive the entire time.  There was lots of situations where you are going fast down a decent and a sharp corner comes out of no where.

I got a flat at about 2/3rds through the race. I was riding 4th ( I think) I lost some spots and finished 15th; but my 15th place finish still paid!  It paid about the same as a 3rd place finish in the root 66 series! (the series I had been doing for the past 4 years previous while living up in ME and NH).

The payouts in the Mid Atlantic Super series are insane; they go 15- 20 deep!  The competition doesn’t seem any more competitive than what I am used to for regional races up north.

With my normal mediocre finishes 5th-10th I will have no problem making enough cash to pay for my registration and gas money for MASS series races!

It was a bit cold 45 degrees (warmed up to low 50’s later in the day) Jeff Shalk is in his car staying warm (I carpooled down with him; he won the race!!!)

In other news; check out this wicked big blood blister...

2 comments: said...

seems like you bring good luck to the people you carpool with. Want to come back to Maine so we can carpool to a race? I could use some good luck this season.

Keep up the good work

mikejoos said...

I'd be happy to be your lucky charm if i am up in the area.