Sunday, April 25, 2010

Greenbrier Challenge, xc Mountain Bike Race 2010

Greenbrier Challenge, xc Mountain Bike Race

April 25th 2010

Was supposed to rain for this race… but it didn’t, so that was good.

the course was pretty wide and fast for the most part... w/ a decent amount of climbing

team van and tent wast there...

Footage from the movie Max V02 was filmed in 08 during this race…looks like a pretty lame movie… but it involves mtn biking so I might watch it anyway… I honestly can’t think of any other mtn bike movies.

Anna Kelso was there… she got the W in her category.

team mate John Arias came in 3rd and friend Colby came in 2nd in the cat 1 race.

Teammate Aaron Snyder came in 2nd and I came in 6th in the pro elite (just off the podium)…

I was happy with my finish... no serious issues… I did fall once and hit my knee…

Nothing compared to my teammate Jeff Dickey’s leg injury in a race the previous weekend (no photoshopping was done on this image it is his actual swollen leg)…

reminded me of this arm wrestler's arm... see video

Next weekend I will be racing Andrew Mein's Excellent Adventure at Granogue

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