Sunday, March 7, 2010

Rolling Road Ride, Reckless Runaway Ramming Rottweiler

Joe Whitehair showed me around some rolling back roads.  Some pretty scenery (farms, small bridges, & quarries)
There is a giant quarry in there through the branches...

I was expecting it to be a pretty easy ride because Joe rides a fixed gear but it wasn't.  My legs are pretty sore right now.

During the ride I was rammed by an adult Rottweiler coming @ me full speed!!!  The impact made the rear of my bike skid out a few inches.  I’m glad it decided not to take a bite of my leg.

Unlike my last scary animal incident with wolfs (or something that looked like wolfs) I have a witness this time so people might believe me.


riderx said...
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riderx said...

Good ride Mike. That dog was crazy, glad it didn't decide to bite!

Anonymous said...

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