Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bunny Hops, Wheelies, And Crazy Train

It was really bugging me when I first rode my new Scott that w/ the longer chainstays 17.3” (which is still short for a 29er) compared to 16.7” of my last bike (which wasn't a 29er) made doing wheelie and bunny hops way harder. Anyone who rides with me a lot knows just how important these two things are to me and without them I feel inadequate.

I the search for a solution to my problem I messed around with my stem lengths and height. I managed to find a position that let me keep my bunny hops and wheelies.

My handlebars are about 1” higher and positioned 1” closer to me... feels a bit strange but I am getting used to it.


I joined Anna @ another Compu-trainer class over @ Kelly Acres and improved my 15 min tt from 298watt avg to a 331watt avgerage.  The reason for my improvement is completely linked to the fact that AC/DC's Crazy Train was playing this time and it wasn’t last time.


Big Bikes said...

Never underestimate the power of the rock.

Anna said...

I'm glad you got that ironed out.