Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow Storm Biking

I went mountain biking in the snow today, through the streets of downtown Frederick.  So it wasn’t technically mtn biking but with the amount of snow it was still demanding.

This is what the roads looked like
Joe, Jeff and Anna (back to front)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Audio Books, Chesapeake & Ohio Canal Pics

Chesapeake & Ohio Canal is pretty but about as nontechnical and flat as a trail can be.  Some days when I am in a certain mood I actively seek out places like this.  Places where my body is occupied but my mind is fee to wonder so I can concentrate on listening to my audio books.  I save the music for the times when I am riding hard and need something to keep me motivated.  The audio books keep me from getting bored with out making me feel like I need to be riding fast.

Before and my I-pod I would ride with a tape player and books on tape.  The Tapes and Tape player was super bulky filling up two jersey pockets one for the tape player and another for the tapes.  I was thrilled when I found out about 6 years ago.  Now I can carry multiple books on my I-pod and it takes up a fraction of the space.  I would recommend as a great alternative to music for solo easy rides.

So I listened to short story’s of the Sherlock homes for a few hour.  I took some pictures too...
This bridge at the Seneca creek aqueduct
One of the many locks of the canal paralleling the c and o
One of the more well maintained sections of trail
Big rocks

Monday, December 7, 2009

Kelly Acres Compu-Trainer & Snow Mountain Biking

Saturday I joined Anna at the Kelly Acres indoor compu-trainer class. It was my first time doing one of these classes.  It was way more motivating than riding in front of the TV at home.  As Anna described it “Once you see that little cyclist figure representing you on the screen you cant help but feel motivated to ride fast”.

With the equipment hook ups multiple statistics could be measured including watts, rpm, speed, total distance traveled and position compared to other riders.  I've never owned one of those watt meters but after riding for a while I could see why it would be pretty valuable information to know in order to compare yourself to others and personal past performances.
I came in third and averaged just under 300 watts on a 15 min course. hopefully i can improve on that.

photos from Kelly acres blog

On Sunday I road with Jeff Dickey in sub-freezing temperatures on snow covered trails in gambrill state park.  I was expecting it to be pretty slow going but the snow was packed down from others who came before us so it was fast.  It was just the two of us and we did a pretty big loop in under 2 hours. We ate at the mountain view diner after the ride.  Dinner fanatic John Burns would love it.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The C&O (Chesapeake & Ohio Canal)

Rode the C&O with Anna on her morning commute into work…

It’s a hardcore commute; about 35 miles from where we started @ white ferry in Frederick MD to WA DC.  The first ten miles were petty muddy and the temp was 35 degrees (when we fist started @ 6:40).

The C&O goes all they way from DC to Pittsburgh! Has free camping sites along the sides of the trail and it pretty well maintained.  Some of the views are amazing including large rock structures waterfalls and views of the Potomac. The trail is flat and strait dirt road that only maintenance cars are allowed on.  Despite being flat and free of rocks I managed to get a flat tire from some broken glass.  Anna was kind enough to wait for me despite me making her late for work.  I turned around 28 miles in to are tri to DC (7 miles shy of getting all the way into the city) for me it was 56 miles round trip and that took me about 5 and a half hours including a few brief stops.  I defiantly would like to ride this trail some more. Next time I will bring a camera along to get some photos of the more beautiful sections.