Monday, June 29, 2009

Putney/West Hill Mtn. Bike Race, Putney VT 2009

Putney/West Hill Mtn. Bike Race, Putney VT

Race went good there was a big turn out in the men’s pro /cat 1 category (35 riders).
It had been raining a lot that week so the conditions were pretty muddy. It was nice that the rain gave way just before the race. Still got a bit wet from sweat and puddle splashes but not completely waterlogged

I was worried going into this race because I had sprained my wrist a couple weeks prior at the gym lifting. My wrist was weak and unable to move in certain directions. For the first week I had the problem I wasn’t able to ride my bike, turn the key in my car ignition or a door knob with my right hand. it felt pretty messed up but in the past week my wolverine like mutant healing strength kicked in.

The wrist doesn’t have complete mobility but it was good enough that I felt comfortable wrapping it up tight and racing.  My worries were that I might re-injure it or be forced to drop out if it because too painful but I hardly noticed the wrist problem and had a great race minus the start.  I started off 4th row and had a foot slip off the pedal so I was pretty far back probably 30th.

here is the is a video of us at the beginning of the race

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I passed a lot of people and was feeling good.  I caught up with Brent Mellen and we rode together for the last 2 laps we passed some more guys and finished together.  I came in 7th and Brent came in 8th.

Brent and I were planning on competing in the wildcat epic team stage race mid June in the Catskills of NY but due to lack of registered entries the race organizers called it off.  We were both bummed, we would have made a good team. Maybe next year?

The winner of the race Kevin Hines is the masters national champion @ 49 year old!!... I really hope to be still be competitively fast when I am old.

I think a lot of people who get up there in age set a mental block that prevents them from continuing to try. I suppose kids, jobs ,other life issues and time management issues play a major role. Seeing as I am not actually that old yet I cant say for sure. I will be sure to make a blog entry about this 20 year from now when I know first hand (if i remember). Hopefully with some persistence and smart training I will be riding as strong as Kevin.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kingdom Trails

Went up to kingdom trails in northern VT this weekend. huge network of over 100 miles of trail.
Andrew... friendly wave

Chris and Burns looking @ map

new stone church on top of a hill in the middle of nowhere

Coolest trail I have rode in a while. The trail zig-zags down a descending valley. We would get going supper fast then rip up the other side then repeat all the way down. In this pic we are waiting for Chris who rolled his tire at the bottom of the valley were g- forces where at the max (he was ok).