Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Coyote Hill 2009

Coyote Hill

Got to the race and it was raining pretty steadily but by the time the race started it was stopped raining and the sun was out. The turn out was the biggest I had ever seen at a root 66 series race (32!!!).  I lined up at the start in the 3rd of 4.5 rows.

The start of this race is a little skechy.  You ride 100 ft then do a 180 degree turn then ride another 200 ft and go across a bridge that is only one bike wide.  With such a big field it was a mess.  I decided I would be captain smooth and run around everyone while they were backed up on the bridge.  So as I approached the bridge I got of the bike and leap across the tinny gap the bridge went over.  It worked!  I passed several people but as I was mounting back onto my bike I fumbled and missed my pedal about 2 times and made everyone stop behind me.  Yea, I was that guy; I hate people like me.

Race went good; I felt good the entire time.  Adam Snyder won; I came in 10th (I think).  Snyder had a good result at the Canada cup race the day before (10th I think).

The guy who came in second Mike Mooradian has also really upped his game this year.  Normally I recognize all the names in the top spots.  It doesn’t change much from year to year but not this year; new names and old names stepping it up.  That and the large turn outs this year has made the racing really unpredictable and interesting.

I did a long cool down and an extra lap of the course. It's a lot easier to enjoy the surroundings when your not trying to ride your bike as fast as you can.  Ive noticed that every race I do in VT is really pretty.  Next race I plan on doing is in Vermont too; the Putney west hill race (not till the end of next month though). Hopefully I will be able to get some quality training and bike trips in before then.