Monday, April 27, 2009

Fat Tire Classsic 2009

Winding Trails
Farmington, CT
Apr, 26 2009

Carpooled down with Andrew freye and his GF Hattie. Thee hour drive an (extra 45 min for Andrew) and the late 2:15 PM start made for a long day.

I had a decent start but fell back right away. I think if I forced myself to keep with the rest of the group I would have probably puked.  I think heat was getting to me; I had to slow down for a lap before things started feeling normal again.  I was able to pass a bunch of broken riders who quit on them self’s.  Everyone I went passed in my category with out exception complained about the hot weather.

I finished 10th (I think there was 26 in my category).  Did a cool down with John Burns and jumped in a close by lake afterward. I didn't get home till 9:30 PM.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hppbrook Dam 2009

Carpooled down to Hopbrook dam race with Andrew freye.  It was cold and rainy.  I think there was about 25 starters.  I was last or maybe second to last going into the single track at the start.  I passed about ten guys before I finished but I was still very far back becuse of shifting issues caused by a crash (I came in 15th).  Around one of the corners I slipped and my handle bars got twisted around.  This happened…

I think only 2 strands of cable are still connecting my shifter to derailleur.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Team Kit

My new team kit came in he mail today.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

How To Reap The Benefits Of Excuses In Mountain Biking

In my last deep thoughts I examined the reasons why excuses can be beneficial in mountain biking by distancing yourself from responsibility.  In this episode I will tell you how to implement excuses in mountain biking for the best possible results.  Before you even start your race you need to have a planned out excuse strategy.  Start complaining about something that you can later use as an excuse for why you didn’t perform better in the race.  It’s the set up for the excuse.

The best place to announce your excuse is at the starting line of the race.  Pretend like you are having a conversation with the person next to you but speak loud enough so all your competitors can hear your complaint.

If another rider passes you on the course it is always a good idea to use an excuse as he or she passes

This lets the passing rider know that they are not actually better than you.

If you have a hard time thinking up excuses mid race write them down on the back of your number plate or on your stem.

After finishing the race go in for the kill; use your excuse that you set up before the race. Tell everyone!!!

Using excuses is always a good idea even if you had a good race use the an excuse to rub it in the face and belittled all your competitors (The more belittled they are the bigger you are in comparison).
I made this excuse wheel (this is just a prototype).  I'm thinking about selling them out of the back of my car at bike races.