Saturday, November 21, 2009

wolves in Gambrilll State Park!!! (or maybey german sheppards)

Went for a night ride last night and at Gambrill state park @ about 6:30 … I was on one of the dirt roads that go through the park and I saw a silhouette of what I thought was a deer… it was frozen just looking at me… it had four legs and was kind of shaped like a deer… it wasn’t till I was pretty close about 100 ft away did I realize it was a big dog... it looked like a German Sheppard...and as I got even closer (20ft away) I noticed another German Sheppard just off the road also frozen looking at me… no tail wagging or barking just a blank stare.

I was moving along @ about 17mph and it was pitch black so from the time I noticed it wasn’t a deer to the time I noticed I was next to a couple of big dogs was only a few seconds....At this point I was a little freaked out as the thought crossed my mind that these might be wolves...

I didn’t see any collars, …I hadn’t seen any a possible owner… no people or vehicles parked on the side of the road … and they looked identical…either I saw two stray German Sheppards or a pack of wolfs.

thought about turning around to get a better look… after all they didn’t show any sign of aggression …but then I reconsidered realizing that that would be kind of stupid… if they were wild animals why risk getting bit.

because I didn’t have a tail light i couldn’t see anything behind me … then I thought to myself... Are they chasing after me right now!?! Could I stay upright if one of them got a hold of my leg!?!?... being alone in the dark was making me more paranoid than I would normally be…instead of riding fast to get away i decided to keep the same speed that I passed them at not wanting them to think I was panicking… if you don’t want be treated like a victim don’t act like a victim ( I leant that from watching Opera but i'm not sure if it applys to dealing with wolves)

I left the park and took the road around back to my car to avoid having to ride through the wolf gantlet again.

When I got back to my apartment I goggled to see what kind of wolf lives in this area…could have been red wolf

my possible wolf experience reminded me of this t-shirt that team mate Sean Daley had told me about…


Anna said...

We should set up one of those motion sensor cameras!

Anna said...

You should contact these people:

mikejoos said...

It would be nice to have photo proof… and… Thanks for the link.