Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekend Group Ride

Gambrill/ Watershed

Another group ride; there was a group of 15 of us.  We split in to two groups; A and B.  I was designated to lead the A group.  I'm ok with getting my self lost but I was a bit worried that I might get my whole group lost.  I took them on trails that Anna Kelso had shown me on another group ride the week before.  There were a lot of turns involved to retrace the same loop we did.  I remembered some portions but about half of the time I just guessed so I was amazed we made it back to the end point that I intended.  I was also amazed that none of us had a flat tire; with so many sharp racks and so many riders I would have put money down that at least one person would have a flat.

The route is a particularly technical.  I was planning on bringing my camera with to capture just how technical they are but I forgot.  I will try to remember for next time.


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