Monday, November 2, 2009

Watershed/ Gambrill Ride

On Saturday some riding @ my new local trail network Gambrill park and the watershed. I am starting to find my way around a bit better.  I rode with Jeff Dicky (also a UNH alumni) and some of his riding buddies.  I think there was 7 of us and between all of us there was 5 flats and two broken derailleur hangers.  There is a lot of sharp rocky sections that cause flats. I think every other ride I have been on up there so far I have got a flat tire.  So the day before are ride I went to the local bike shop to pick up some extra tubes and a mini-pump. I bought a mini bike pump (I normally carry 2 co2's).

Then on Sunday I did some trial maintenance in Gambrill park. It was nice to meet some people. Their seems to be a pretty passionate group of mountain bikers in the area.


Anna said...

Where's the part where you talk about how crazy technical the trails are in the watershed?! Hope you're feeling better!

mikejoos said...

yea, there are some pretty tricky sections… I will be sure to go into more detail about that in future entry’s… maybe I will bring my camera with this weekend to point out some of the more hairy sections.

Anna said...

Ummm ...I think it's time for a new blog post.