Monday, September 21, 2009

The Trail Of Two Lakes (Mount Snow) Race

The Trail of Two Lakes, SERIES FINAL
Mount Snow, West Dover, VT
Sept 20, 2009

I thought I saw about 15 names on the registration but I must horrible at counting because I think only 7(?) of us were at the start line.  Officially the smallest turn out of the year (in the root 66 series pro /cat1).  There were some huge turn outs in the beginning of the season (30+ feilds and big names).  I was styked about the progress.  I thought mountain biking was making a comeback but progress really slowed down for these last few races.

It was three lap, 6 mile race; there were several new sections that I had never raced before at mount snow.  The conditions were perfect; It was just how I like it dry and cool (65 degrees).  Most of the races this year have been supper muddy.  I believe this is only the second race of the 13 races I did in the series that I didn’t get covered in mud (the other being fat tire classic and that one was wicked hot).

I had an ok race. I was very close to getting a 3rd place and getting my first podium of the year.  I had a 40 second gap on 4th place but just before the last lap decent I got a flat and was passed by 3 or 4 guys putting me in last or second to last.

This was the last race of the root 66 series so the overall results and winners were determined.  In my category(pro/cat1) here’s how it looked…

1 Seamus Powell
2 John Foley
3 Mike Mooradian
4 Mike Joos
5 Kevin Hines
6 Joshua Wilcox
7 Mike Rowell
8 Nathan Ringquist
9 Thom Parsons
10 Greg Carpenter

Congratulations Seamus!!! He got really fast this year.

It’s the end of the racing season for me but I still hope to do a lot more riding with friends and bike trips.  Next week I am going to WA DC to a wedding and bringing my bike along.  Hopefully their are some nice trails down there to rip.


Wheels said...

You're killing me with your flats! Nice season, congrats on your final standing.

SMB tech geeks said...

I am so sorry about your flat tyre - maybe you'll have got all the bad luck out of the way this season & next season will be yours for the taking! Best of luck & enjoy cycling just for fun for a change ;0)

Adam S said...

Nice link I'm Stycked your using that word. Too bad about the flat.

mikejoos said...

I’m styked you left a comment about my styked link… and thanks for all the flat tire sympathy.