Monday, September 14, 2009

Landmine Classic/GT Golden Bike 2009

Hingham, MA
Landmine Classic

It was about 75 degrees and sunny.  Trails were muddy and had some big puddles from the rain the previous day.

It was a GT golden bike race; there was the gold bike, a GT booth and a whole crew of cheerleaders who did a dance and cheer before the start of are race which felt a little bazaar to me.  Normally the only females you see at mountain bike races are the occasional girlfriend or wife of a male mountain bikers who might race themselves but they rarely wear skimpy outfits or dance around.

I think 18 started in my category (pro/cat1) which is a little lower than average for this year.  I was expecting more considering that the race was so close to Boston; a central location for many.

I went from leading the race, to 3rd, then fell to 6th and by about 3 miles in to the 26 mile race I was 7th. I think that is how I finished unless someone dropped out or got lost in front of me which is a good possibility considering all the rocky fast sections and all the turns and overlapping the course did.  More turns arrows and road crossings than any other race I've done.

The 49 year old x national champ Kevin Hines won.  My ex team mate and riding buddy Andrew Freye was in a close battle for 2nd with John Foley which he lost after a slip up on one of the wet bridges.  Team mate John Burns had a good race finished 5th I think.


starblinkee said...

Cheerleaders in a bike race? They must have been headed for a basketball game and made the wrong turn lol. But at least they must have done something to boost the morale of the racers.

mikejoos said...

yea the cheerleader thing was a bit strange... i don't think it is something that is going to catch on.

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