Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Race Reports...Why?

Race Reports?

Sometimes writing race-reports make me feel like a needy child ”hey mom look at me look what I did, I finished 38th at a bike race” (said in a squeaky high pinched voice).

I hope that one day I won’t be at the mercy of needing others approval.  I don’t want to be doomed to a life of feeling the need to flex in the mirror and google myself all the time.  I don't want to constancy feel the need to determine my self worth based on how popular I am or how fast of a bike rider I am.

I’ve got this counter on this blog so I can check to what degree i am accepted on a daily basis.  It is just another example of how I am at the mercy of others view of me.

My conclusion… Race reports are cries for attention.  Personally I am using them like training wheels till I can accept myself with out the approval of others. But I'm not sure if it is possible to change the way humans are wired as social creachers who want to be accepted.  


Anonymous said...


mooradian said...

please tell us about the back tattoo

mikejoos said...

I was making the point that I if I did have a lower back tat… I would like to be in a metal place where I wouldn’t feel self conscious about it…I don’t actually have of have a lower back tat or have plans to get one…but if I was to get one it would be a flying money from the wizard of oz.

mooradian said...

If you would consider getting the monkey tattoo then I would consider paying for it just to say I know someone with that kind of tattoo.

mikejoos said...

Tempting...but I am going to pass... getting a tattoo like that would probably be something I would regret down the road...thank you for the offer though.

Wheels said...

I read your race reports hoping you mention me in them. How shallow and attention hingry is that?! Keep writing, I'll keep reading.