Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Case Of The Flat Tires

Did some detective work to figure out why I had a flat issues at my last race.  I checked the two tubes that went flat and discovered that one of them was from a puncture on the outside (thorn glass or sharp rock) and the other from the inside (a problem with my rim or rim strip).  I thought I was dealing with one serial puncturer but I was wrong two puncturers had been responsible for foiling my last race.  I did some more sleuthing to find a sharp area where the loop of the wheel came together.  I sanded down the sharp spot, put a new rim strip on and checked for sharp objects in my tire.  Hopefully this mystery is solved.


Big Bikes said...

Maybe it's time to go tubeless!

mikejoos said...

just upgraded my rear last month to tubeless...front isent but it has never been an issue till that week...i've had about 5 flats on that wheel in the 3 years i've owned it 3 of those were last week.