Monday, July 27, 2009

Mount Snow Classic XC Race

Mount Snow Classic XC Race
Sunday, July 26, 2009
Location: Mount Snow, West Dover, Vermont

Turn out to the race was really good for the pro/cat1 open category (I am guessing over 30 again). Weather has good, a bit cloudy and humid and 80 degrees.

I had a bunch of mechanical issues in this race. The freehub wasn’t working right; it would make a loud winding sound when I wasn’t pedaling. Also my chain came off 5 times.  The three smallest rings of my cassette were packed with grass and mud thick enough that they didn’t work. That probably wasn’t too much of a disadvantage considering that everyone was probably having similar mud issues (except of Thom Parsons who was riding a single speed).  Also I had a flat tire on the last lap decent.  I am pretty sure I was in the top 10 before the flat but fell into the teens after.

The silver lining in it all is that now I know the things I need to fix before racing here again in a few weeks and Windham for the East Cup races.  Also I discovered the possibility of using the pond at he bottom of the course as a after race clean up place. I took a dip with Wheels and Burns after the race and it felt really good.  I Think I found a new Mount Snow tradition. 

I just registered last night for the east cup races. It was pretty pricey $65 per race.  I don’t get why it is so much more expensive for the east cup race than it is for regional races.  I can do 2.5 regional races for the same price as two east cup races.  I paid $25 dollars to race yesterday at mount snow.  In a few weeks I will race on the same course for $65.  Where dose the large additional expense fit in? more people sign up for the east cup races.  I would think the more people, the more profit and the less that would need to be charged to make the race happen.  Despite the lofty price tag I am looking forward to both of these races and I plan on having a good time.


Big Bikes said...

All my issues were bio-mechanical...

Nice job out there man, that descent was sweet!


Wheels said...

See you @ Hodges Dam. I'm betting there's a place to swim there too! You better show up with tubeless wheels.

mikejoos said...

yea!!! good idea about the swimming...and...i just got my new tubeless rear wheel in the mail today...I'm looking forward to testing it out.

Anonymous said...

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