Monday, April 27, 2009

Fat Tire Classsic 2009

Winding Trails
Farmington, CT
Apr, 26 2009

Carpooled down with Andrew freye and his GF Hattie. Thee hour drive an (extra 45 min for Andrew) and the late 2:15 PM start made for a long day.

I had a decent start but fell back right away. I think if I forced myself to keep with the rest of the group I would have probably puked.  I think heat was getting to me; I had to slow down for a lap before things started feeling normal again.  I was able to pass a bunch of broken riders who quit on them self’s.  Everyone I went passed in my category with out exception complained about the hot weather.

I finished 10th (I think there was 26 in my category).  Did a cool down with John Burns and jumped in a close by lake afterward. I didn't get home till 9:30 PM.


James said...

Thanks Mike for the puke pic. I'm eating dinner man!
Alot of guys didn't make it because of the heat. Smart to pace yourself. Every hill I backed way down to keep the stress level down. I really wanted to quit on the 2nd lap. I just tried to keep it smooth and then I had some left for the 5th lap. Seems like you did too. You passed my Team mate Josh. Nice!

mikejoos said...

Sorry you had to see that picture while eating, it is by far the grosses thing ive posted. Questionable content for sure. It was just too funny to not post though.

Nice job not giving up.

Hopefully I’ll be seeing you at the next race.