Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Should Mountain Bikers Shave Their Legs?

Should mountain bikers shave their legs?

Lets weigh both side...


Look pro: Shaving your legs is more popular among professional (high level) mountain bikes.

less chance of infection: less hair means less chances of infection, an easier to clean wound, bandages will stick better and be easier to remove.

Washing made simpler: It's easier to clean dried mud off legs.

Massages made simpler: Use less lotion and its less gross for the person doing the massaging. Also less lotion is needed for sunblock which can save some money over time.

Not shaving

Don’t Look feminine: Uut side the cycling world it is considered weird and girly to shave ones legs.

Time saver: Shaving your legs a few times a week can add up.

No Razor burn: If it gets infected it can be a very annoying.

my opinion

I don’t shave my legs verry often and when I do I use a hair clipper.  The benefits are minor but it can be very time consuming if you shave often.  Using the hair clipper once every three weeks feels like about the perfect middle ground to get a lot of the benefits but not waist too much time.


Big Bikes said...

Nothing worse (OK, there are quite a few things worse) than a rookie cyclist shaving their legs before it's time. Someone should come up with a solid rule on that one.

Maybe first the time you get some major road rash. When it heals, you get to shave so next time you can clean your massive, puss-oozing wounds better.

As for me, I like shaving my legs so much, if I didn't ride a bike I'd have to become a drag queen or a Turkish Oil Wrestler.

mikejoos said...

Turkish oil wrestling? i had to google that. i was surprised to find several sites dedicated to the subject.

good idea about the rule, a shave your legs license should be given along with an expert upgrade by NORBA officials. Any beginner or sport riders with shaved legs will be automatically DQed under this rule. disqualified riders will not be permitted to race again till their leg hair has grown back at least 1 cm in length.

send a letter USA cycling saying you want 1 cm leg hair rule, they will know what you mean.

Mailing Address:
USA Cycling
1 Olympic Plaza
Colorado Springs, CO 8090

Big Bikes said...

And riders who are naturally hairless would have to (like Pro Roadies with naturally high Hematocrit levels) produce a note from their Doctor stating that they suffer from Alopecia or some other condition which leaves them as hair-free as Howie Mandel, an Egyptian Cat, or a Naked Mole Rat

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