Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My 30 Year Plan To Cycling Success

I’ve been riding more lately so when I went to the gym yesterday and stood on the scale I expected to have lost a couple of pounds.   The exact opposite happened I weighed 4 pounds more!!! Guess I’ve been indulging more than usual in my post ride meals.

I now weigh 174 lbs that’s close to 10 lbs more than my racing weigh last year.  I already didn’t consider myself much of a climber but I may have an even harder time this year.  I’ve been lifting weights regularly so I think its muscle, maybe it’s visceral fat but I don’t think so.

It might not be such a bad thing to have a little bit extra weight.  I took a class in college on the biology of aging and the teacher talked about how the body loses muscle mass with age. In this article they mention how a person will lose half there muscle mass in their life time. Most people lose about 1-2 percent a year after your 30 years of age.

This article mentions even though fatter people need to deal with all the side effects that go along with being fat (heat disease, hypertension, diabetes) they normally they have more muscle mass and that can help them in their older age.  Women live longer than men and they also have on average more body fat.  Maybe its more healthy to have a few extra pounds of fat and muscle to live a healthy long life.  Here is my plan...

My goal is to pack on muscle, a little bit of fat so when I do start wasting away I will be at a more advantageous stating point.

By the time I am 60 my body will have emaciated away to the ideal size to be an elite cyclist.   My cycling (hopefully by then there will be more money in mountain biking).


Anonymous said...

very useful read. I would love to follow you on twitter.

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