Wednesday, March 25, 2009

mount a ride

top of Mount Agammentiicus

Yesterday I hoped to get a ride in on some trails but they were snowed over so I passed on that idea and instead I went up and down the access road @ mount Agammentiicus a few times. Mount A isn’t actually a mountain based on the classification I heard but it has a steep access road that is nice for training on. I used only my rear breaks on the way down thinking it might wear off the layer of motor oil that got on my break pads while seading my rim.

not sure if it worked or not

I was feeling every extra pound I put on over the winter... I’m glad the first race doesn’t have much climbing.snow covered trail

i like big sunglasses

Elton John dose too


Anonymous said...

Elton john's the man.

mikejoos said...

I’ve got tiny dancer on my i-tunes.