Saturday, March 14, 2009

How would mountain bike racing egalitarianism work?

How could everyone feel like they had a equally valued racing experience, feel eaqally respected and not feel less than anyone else?

Since those who enjoy the greatest material and emotional benefit from performing well at bike races are not likely to wish to part with it willingly, some form of rules would need to be implemented to force a solution.

In this hypothetical race situation First you would have to do away with the names of the category’s that separate riders into bad (beginner) better (sport), even better (expert) best (pro). it would need to be a classless race where no body is separated out by skill or gender # of speeds, # of people on the bike. it would just be one lump group category.

No riders could be sponsored that way make unsponsored riders feel inadequate.

Results wouldn’t be posted because again someone might feel inadequate.

there wouldn’t be a typical first second third place on the podium

After the race everyone would shake hands and congratulate each other at the award ceremony where everyone would have their name called and an identical good job ribbon given to each participant.

There would be no motivation to get any better but also no reason to feel bad about your performance. We could focus more effort on loving each other and less on proving we are better than each other.

Send a letter to NORBA officials saying you want egalitarian races. they will know what you mean.

Mailing Address:
USA Cycling
1 Olympic Plaza
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

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