Friday, March 6, 2009

How to sead a tire onto a rim?

How to sead a tire onto a rim?

When dealing with tubeless variety rims and tires this can be a real challenge. Tubeless are designed to be a tight fit so air won’t leak out. Putting something slippery on the outside edge of the tire will help make this process easier but don’t just use any slippery thing you see within arms reach like motor oil, like I just did 20 minutes ago.

What a mess, it did sead the tire but I wouldn’t recommend it, it was just too messy.
Based on what I read and what I normally use soap is the best thing (and be liberal about it) it can wash off with water afterward (unlike motor oil).

A fast influx of air using an air compressor is also a big help to get the tire to seal to the rim to start accepting air.

Pump the tire up to 75 psi, this will help make sure the tire is completely sealed.

I’ve never tried this technique before but it looks like it works well…

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