Thursday, February 26, 2009

Why Is It Called Mountain Biking?

Why is it called mountain biking?

I ask the question because even though the sport is called mountain biking I am guessing that most people who ride rarely have the opportunity to go to an actual mountain to ride.  A mountain is classified as being a vertical incline of at least 2000 ft anything less than that is a hill (that’s what it said in yahoo answers)

A more appropriate name for mountain biking would be off road cycling or  hill biking.

Barley anyone rides on mountains but that is where most the NORBA national mountain bike races are held. Ski Mountains have out door recreation facilities to accumulate a large number of people.  This is OK I suppose but doesn't represent the sport very accurately. I'm guessing the NORBA national championship series rankings would look different if they only did races on non-mountain courses.


Big Bikes said...

You're right. Can one technically go "Mountain Biking" in Nebraska, Kansas, or Florida? I think not.

mikejoos said...

Yes, so true, it isn’t possible. In those states it should be called horizontal biking.

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