Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Why are some racers sore losers?

Why are some racers sore losers?

In my previous deep thoughts I examined different reasons people race and in this deep thoughts I will look deeper into one particular reason that it the one most commonly linked to being a sore loser.

Racers who fall in the sore loser category race because they like the sense of accomplishment that comes along with training and being better than others.

These are individuals often with type A personalities. They put an enormous amount of pressure on themselves to be successful, and to put themselves on a higher plateau than others. They are willing to dedicate a large portion of their time and effort into achieving the goals they have set. They may be more stressed out and more serious about achieving these goals because it means so much to them. Often times these are the fastest of the mountain bikers (or any sport). The problem arises when they don’t accomplish the goals they have set.

So much pressure was put on themselves that the let down can be very emotional. They may come strait out and show emotions such as being angry bitter or vengeful if they believe someone else was responsible for them not achieving there goal. There is a good chance the sore loser in question will take it out on others through sarcasm or criticism. Basically being a real dick

some sore losers are bright enough to realize his/her behavior is inappropriate and restrain themselves but inner feelings will still exist. The problem is still there but at least it isn’t involving others, and they are aware of their problem.

Here is a strategy for decreasing your mountain biking sore loserness…

Find other things that interest you that you can set goals in and take pride in. Just about everyone has quality’s, or things that they admire in others and these are often times the same quality’s and things used to measure ones own self worth. Spreading out your self worth to several things will put less pressure on your self in one particular thing (mountain biking).

Bill Belicheck is a sore loser

I’m not sure what my next deep thoughts will be but I’m sure its going to be something very deep.

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