Monday, February 9, 2009

WA DC riding

Did some riding with my dad in Washington DC. I got a free upgrade on my rental bike when the bike shop manager found out I was an influential photographer for the mid-Atlantic Spokes magazine. I wouldn't consider myself a photographer but one of my photos was asked to be used by someone who dose submit photos to spokes magazine and it ended up on the cover!!!. Just another thing to add to my resume. I'll put that between to 4th grade jump-rope champion and 2003 york ME pumpkin carving 2nd place finisher.

100_0633 by you.

100_0635 by you.

I haven’t rode outside in a few months , it was nice to get out again . My dad was in better shape than I would have expected. He has become a avid cyclist he recently lost 20 lbs and goes for 2 hour + rides when its nice out.
100_0623 by you.

100_0625 by you.

Felt a little weird being all race geared out on a unraced geared out bike in an unracing setting.

my dad and I laid the hammer down on all the other bike path riders. we showed no mercy, cutting off children in strollers and elbowing old men and woman and anyone who tried to pass us was put to the curb. just kidding

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