Sunday, September 7, 2008

landmine mountain bike race 2008

This course was one large 26 mile lap, super fast for the first half and super rooty and rocky for the second half.

I went all the way from hero to zero in this race. great start, led for the first 5 miles, I was caught by a rider from bikebarn (the big bike shop in the area so he knew all the good lines). We switched off for a while then he put in an attack on a technical climb and I couldn’t hang. My technical riding was good but his fitness was better than mine. Soon after he dropped me I got a flat and i had a bit of a problem fixing it. by thetime i did everyone in my category had passed me. I pretty much through in the towel right there. I tried my best to forget about being a zero and enjoy the rest of the ride.

Turns out my team mate john burns had bad luck too. he fell on one of the wood bridges breaking his handlebar (It rained very heavy the night before so they were wicked slippery)

i was cleaning out my car after getting home from the race and was getting the mud off my shoes with my fingers when I realized it wasn’t mud. It was poo. The end (true story)