Sunday, July 20, 2008

Windham NY, Mountain Bike Race

NORBA National Series
Windham NY
July 12th 2008
Pro XC

The course @ Windham mountain was a lot better than the course it replaced in the NORBA national series (sugar mountain).  It is a ski mountain so I assumed that it would be a lot of seeps ups and downs.   There were some steep down hill parts but the climbs were not as steep as I anticipated.
I appreciated the more gradual climbs (compared to mount snow) it was easier to pace my self.  It was also nice to see some of the riders I had been racing against in the regional Root 66 races.

I felt good during the race.  I was near last from the start but I was still in the mix.  I was slowly catching riders.   In the 2nd lap I climbed my way up to Greg Carpender (root 66 rider).  While following him down the decant I got a flat tire.  I fixed it and continued.   By the time I fixed the flat I was in second to last and was more concerned about finishing the race with out getting lapped than getting a good result.  As long as I didn’t have any more problems I was pretty much home free but then I flatted again.  Walking my way down the mountain I was able to see the race unfold. Tulouse (spelling?) and Craig were battling it out for the win.

Tulouse won...

I hung out with fellow bikeman riders John burns and Sean Daley and got some photos from their races.
Anna was there
me racing
Went to a very nice art gallery and snagged free snacks and some champagne
Watching the tour.
Playing mini-golf (came in 2nd)
Place we stayed, stayed with Anna & John
Shepard w/ beer bottles, lush.

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