Monday, June 23, 2008

Putney West Hill MTBace, 2008

Putney West Hill MTB race
Pro/ semi Pro
Sunday, June 22, 2008:

This race is like a rollercoaster ride.  A lot of fast descents with dips and berms.  There are three good sized climbs that weren’t ski mountain big but big enough that you needed to sit down and find a good steady pace.

I started in near the rear.  I was back and forth with several riders though out the race Greg Carpenter, Harry Precourt and Jeffrey Whittingham.  The race was cut short due to lighting and thunder.  Greg was pretty close behind me and closing the gap despite my best efforts.  It seems I benefited from  heaving the last lap cut off.

Here is how it fished...

1st John Foley
2ndEthan Gilmour
3rd Nathan Ringquist
4th Bradford Perley
5th Michael Mooradian
6th Kevin Hines
7th ME
all the results

There are a lot of really fast 19 year olds in this race that have recently moved up from juniors.  Ethan won the national championships last year as a junior, Greg came in second @ the national championships, and the 4th finisher place in this race Bradford Perley is also is super fast.   I saw Brad just ahead on the 3rd lap, he couldn’t have been more that 10 seconds in front of me and he fished 2.5 minutes ahead of me.  He put in a super fast last lap, I was really impressed.  I should go around collecting autographs before these guys get too good to talk to me.

Next race is mount snow (not the national race the regional race).  I wonder if there will be any big name pros @ this one getting ready for the national race?


Anna said...

I can think of one big name pro that will be there ....whose name rhymes with ....moose.

Way to use the crappy weather to your advantage!

Good luck at the pre mt.snow Mt.Snow!

I love exclamations!!!!!!!!

mikejoos said...

thank you your too kind.

i think you got me hooked on the explanation points too. kind of funny because in reality i have a pretty monotone vioce and i don't get exited very easy.

but whatever!!!!!!!!

mooradian said...

Hopefully Michael Broderick will be there to put us all back into reality like he did last year at pats peak. See you there