Monday, June 2, 2008

Pat's Peak Mountain Bike Race 2008

The course seems to stair step up the mountain in 3 good sized climbs. After the second stair step I found my self riding with Brent Mellen and Matt Boobar.  I rode with them for the first couple laps.  Good riders to be with, seeing as they both did rely well @ mount snow last year and I feel like this race is pretty similar to mount snow (only smaller).  At some point in the third lap I found myself alone.  I was on my own for the rest of the race. I did pass Matthew O'Keefe in the last lap but it wasn’t much of a battle He was obviously bonking or dehydrated (O'Keefe normally beats me easily).

I came in 10th, Adam Snyder (fellow fort lewiser) killed it (won the race) and Andrew Freye my teammate also had a great race coming in 2nd. rest of the results

Next race is channel 3. This ones a lot of fun when its dry, there’s a few sections where you can ride hard into corners as long as it isn’t wet.

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