Monday, June 9, 2008

Channel 3, 2008

Channel 3
root 66 series

I did two races last year that where super hot. On both occasions I felt like my head was going to pop and I had to slow to a crawl and came in near last . so I wasn’t feeling to confident for this race it being super hot and humid.

I decided to keep a pretty slow pace for the entire race. Every time I would push hard though a difficult section or to get around a rider I would get that feeling like my head was boiling over and it would remind me to ride slower.

This race seemed more about not over heated than it was about trying to ride fast (@ least that’s the way it seemed to me).

There were a couple of riders in my category who were in front of me that had flat tires (Greg Carpenter and Thom Parsons ) I am sure the heat claimed several victims too.

Here is how it finished ( it was raining, so they didn’t do the podium so I drew this realistic and exactly to scale drawing of what the podium would have looked like

Props to Michael Patrick for dominating the race by 5 minutes over the second place finisher. He is on great form, I imagine he is going to be taking names @ mount snow this year.

Also Greg Carpenter made up a good chunk of time after his flat. Getting back in to the thick of things and getting a respectable 6th place finish.

next race is Putney / West Hill. i remember this one being all up and down and not much in between.


Anna said...

Yay!!! Three cheers for JoosMan.

Speaking of juice're lookin' pretty buff these days. You might want to tone it down a bit if you don't want to raise suspicions!

See you in New York!

bikemike said...

nice ride sunday. Pics just came up and you look cool hopping the log!

mikejoos said...

Anna, thank you for your concern but they never test @ theses local races.
thank goodness. my racing days would be numbered.(just kidding)

mike, i just took a look, your right it is a good pic, thanks for letting me know. i love looking @ pictures of my self.

rick is! said...

nice job mike. I guess I'll recognize you at the next race we do together.