Monday, May 26, 2008

Coyote Hill Classic 2008

A beautiful day for a race, a common theme it seems this year. So far every race in this series (root 66) has had just about perfect weather. I hope that continues.
On top of the excellent weather this race had everything going for it

Awesome Dry course ( @ least driest I’ve seen it)
A huge turn out (21 in my category)
And One of the best venues (Vermont is such a pretty state)

I personally had a lot of fun riding this course. it had fast twisty sections and just enough slow murky sections to make me appreciate the fast ones even more. A bit of a bumpy, up / down, twisty course. Other than the one fire road at the beginning of the race it was difficult to find an opportunity to reach down and grab a the water bottle. I heard some complaints about sore back and arms from all the rocks and roots.

After the dnf last race I was happy to get through this one with out any issues. good whether and not having any major mechanical problems are key to having a fun race. more important than the result.( that sounds like something a loser would say).

Here’s how it finished up

Justine Lindine 1st
Adam Snyder 2nd
Thom Parsons 3rd
Mike Meridian 4th
Me 5th

Honorable mention to Greg Carpenter who was riding well and had a mechanical in the last half of the last lap ( that sucks). Getting to see all the riders you worked so hard to stay in front of blow by so near to the finish.

I don’t know wat is worse getting a unfixable mechanical @ the end of a race (you can at least walk back and get with out getting a dnf ) or @ the beginning (where you get a dnf and loose the opportunity to get in a workout) both blow pretty bad I suppose.

Next race in the series pats peak ( kinda reminds me of a mini mount snow)


Wheels said...

My favorite part of the race was following you as you blazed our own trail to avoid a tangle-up on the 1st lap. You rode like a man possessed! Good job.

mikejoos said...

thank you