Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hopbrook Dam

Hopbrook Dam
Root 66 series
Midddlebury CT
April 12th

1st race of the season and first warm day of the year. High 70’s w/ shorts it felt great. hop brook dam seems to always be the first race in the root 66 series and it always seems to be muddy and this year was no exception.. I suppose that should be expected this early in the season.

12 riders showed up to race in the semi- pro/ pro category. Andrew frye and I represented bikeman for this category. We both had lousy starts and were almost last heading into the single track. Andrew and I had the bikeman train going for the fist lap passing several riders. I gradually kept moving up though out the race. it was hard to distinguish between lapped riders and others in my category. I thought I finished 5th but latter found out I came in 3rd. It was a nice surprise and a confidence builder. I could use the confidence because next weekend I’m going to sea otter and I am sure to be schooled.


Anna said...

Yay! Way to start out the season on the podium!

See you in a few short days!

Quite it with the self deprecating remarks!

mikejoos said...


i suppose sometimes i can be the male equivalent of Debby Downer. but i feel i am just truthful.

rick is! said...

nice job man. how did the otter go?