Monday, April 28, 2008

Fat Tire Classic 2008

This is a fast flat race, ideal for those who maintained some fitness over the winter. The turn out was ok, about 15 riders in the semi-pro/ pro class. I had a cold this week left over from sea otter last weekend. my throat was still a little raw. Breathing cold air irritates it so I avoided riding this week.

I knew I would not be on top of my game this race but I felt better than expected. I started off slow, toward the rear and found my A game @ about 2 laps in to the 5 lap race. Just a little too late I finished less than a minute behind 3 riders. I was gaining; another lap would have been nice. I finished 6th.

I car pooled down to this race with friend/ team mate Andrew Freye. He had a great day, winning the race. he had a pretty dominate performance. Congratulations!!

I ran back my car to get a picture of him on the podium (something he could put on his frig). But I got back the podium seconds too late. Here is a nice photo of Andrew walking away from the podium.

The Next root 66 race is the Brialee Ramblin Rumble in Ashford, CT. by far my least favorite race the series. I never do well there.

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