Wednesday, January 23, 2008

NC Mountain Bike Adventure

This weekend I had the opportunity to go to the Pisgah’s in North Carolina to do some mountain biking and some catching up w/ my friend Anna.  I was looking forward to some warmer weather and long rides.  My plane was delayed on the way in by the same storm that dumped 5 inches of snow in NC it was pretty cold too, below freezing for most of the time I was there.   But these were details that weren’t going to stop hardcore mountain bikers such as Anna and myself.  We road anyway and found it wasn’t too bad at first but on the 30 min decent back to the car we both froze.  Hands balled up in gloves feet aching. We eventually got back to the car but weren’t feeling quite so hardcore anymore.  Instead of giving up on the great views and terrain the Pisgah mtns had to offer we decided to go for trail runs the next two days.   Running was fun and a lot warmer.

Aside from the outdoor activities we immersed are self’s in the Hendersonville nightlife.  Not a big drinker myself I mostly go to bars to play pool or foosball.  We found a bar w/ a pool table hoping to play each other in a friendly game.  But as it turns out this bar has an ongoing tournament in witch we were required to participate in if we wanted to play. I wasn’t very thrilled about the arrangement but I decided to go along with it and play. This ended up being a good decision we had a lot of fun and we met several friendly southerners in the process.

On the way out of the bar we heard screams coming from the neighboring building. We investigated and discovered a pro wrestling tournament. We stood at the window looking in for a while a when a gentlemen who was very informed of the local pro wrestling scene convinced us these were matches we couldn't miss. The event was half way over by this time so the ticketing woman was kind enough to let us go in for free.   Insults and violence kept us entertained for over an hour.   Much more entertaining than I would have imagined.  All and all a fun weekend w/ a lot of memorable moments.

mountain biking

trail running
car shopping
site seeing
Pro wrestling and the bar is the building on the right
I flew in and out of WA DC. I had the opportunity to see democracy at work (pro lifers)
Some of my body art skills. from right to left: Jackelope, unicorn and wizard
Mid Atlantic pro wrestling this video...

Here is a song that Anna showed me it's been stuck in my head the past few days...


mooradian said...

Sounds like you had quite an adventure. How's the singletrack down there?

mikejoos said...

Didn't do much riding this trip but i did ride a lot last time i was out there (during the summer). A lot of fun trails, fast rolling, w/ long climbs and descents however it seemed like every ride we did there would be @least one very long hike a bike section.

Anna Kelso said...

I think what Mike really meant to say was that all rides in the Pisgahs are EPIC! Long climbs, long descents, and amazing views. This trip was kind of a bust as far as the mtb goes, but I think the House of Pain made it all worth it...that and my new ink.