Monday, September 24, 2007

Winding Trails

Winding Trails
Root 66 series
Farmington CT

This is a flat, fast course with some windy sections and few ups or downs.  The conditions this weekend were dry making the course seem even faster than normal.  There were at least three rerouted sections from previous times I had raced here.  The soil hadn't been packed down yet in those areas so the dust was worst.

The race was only 20 miles long consisting of four laps five miles each.  I normally mix my water bottles thick with acclerade (orange flavors is the best) so I don’t need to carry gels.  I mixed it thinner today I am glad I did.   I don’t think I would have been able to choke my normal thick mixture today.  With such a short race the intensity was high from the gun.   There was a lot of drafting and bumping shoulders.   It felt more like a long short track than it did a cross-country race.  The intensity was high my lungs were burning and my mouth was full of flem like they normally are during a short track except instead of being a 20-minute race (like a short track race) this lasted for an hour and 13 minutes.

I finished third out of 13 riders.   The top five finished within a minute of each other, a very close race.  It was important for me to do well; this being the last race of this series, over all awards were being handed out.   I was receiving the overall first place in the series title for the pro/ semi-pro men I felt an obligation to show I wasn’t just the guy who showed up to the most races but that I had some talent too (at least a little bit).  I was happy with third and I was happy with how the season went as a whole.  I felt I improved this year so I can’t complain.

I feel the root 66 series is a good one. It’s well organized, they offer promptly posted results, pictures after every race and a lot of races (14 I think).  Mount Snow, Coyote Hill, Holiday Farm and Channel 3 are some of my favorites.  It s a good diversity of courses ranging from super fast to slow and technical.

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